Your First Sweat
Everything you need to know about our sauna experience.

How it Works

How it Works


Sauna Rules

Community Guidelines


What do I bring?

We reccomend bringing a waterbottle, flip-flops, slides or crocs, towel, and a comfortable change of clothes.

Are kids allowed?

Kids with a consenting adult are allowed, but will require a parents signature on a waiver form.

Are the saunas wheelchair accessible?

One of our saunas is completely wheelchair accessible, but both are accessibl with ramps for easy access. Please get in touch with any other accessbility questions.

What should I expect to happen to my body?

Sometimes people have red spots on their body, or patterns of redness, or red face. This is all normal and is just the saunas mediciene and your blood flowing.

Can I book multiple spots for me and my friends?

Yes, it is possible to buy up to 4 public sauna passes at a time. However, we cannot gurantee that you all will get to be together at the same time, especially during a public session where they are other guests around. If you are interested in renting both saunas privately please reach out to us.

I need to re-schedule or cancel, can I?

We have a strict 48hr cancellation policy. We are a small business and cannot afford anything else. If you are within this window there should be a link in your confirmation email where you can change your reservation.

Sauna Health Benefits

Saunas have many benefits that have been documented and proven for many years. A sauna session can help you with circulation, detoxification, stress levels, general cardiovascular health, and seasonal and overall depression.

Things We Find Interesting

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